Green Dental Practice

As avid nature lovers, preserving our precious and fragile environment is of the utmost concern to us! Each of us can do our part, small or large, to help the environment.

In our office:

  • We recycle when possible.
  • We are proud to offer digital x-rays. This digital system also means there are no harmful chemicals needed!
  • We are currently implementing an email/text message confirmation system that will save paper, energy and time!
  • We have installed an Amalgam Separator as per Alberta law, so as to not contaminate the wastewater.
  • We reuse paper as much as possible and shred after use.
  • We use paper dental products (such as cups) instead of plastic ones as often as possible.
  • We use “autoclavable” items instead of disposables in order to cut down on unnecessary waste.
  • We use electronic insurance claims to reduce paper consumption.

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